GarageLot is a place where people who have storage, or need it can come together and find a place for their belongings. Those who have storage space, be it a basement, attic, closet, garage, shed, and more can create listings to offer their space to those who need it. If you are in need of storage you can browse listings and find a space where you can store supplies, tools, boxes, cars, boats, and other equipment and connect with people who have a place for you to put it!

It's pretty simple. Sign up for an account, and you can go different ways from there. If you're looking for storage space, you can start to browse listings right away. If you have a place you'd like to rent out for storage, you can create a listing. Provide some information about the space, size, and set your own prices.


Sign Up

Create an account, providing us with basic information that you'd like your potential space renters to know. Maybe even tell us a bit about yourself; like, do you prefer tomatoes or avocados on your sandwich? Either way, signing up is easy.


Submit Your Listing

Once you have an account, you can submit a listing to be utilized as a rented space, and start making some extra money. Here you will let us know the type (garage, shed, basement, attic, etc.) with some details, such as the size of the space, and what kind of storage it can handle. Also, be sure to add photos, those are always helpful!


Seal the deal. Make money

With your listing out there, you are set to start earning on your extra space. People in need of space will search through the listings, and will contact you if they are interested. The two of you will be able to discuss pricing, which you set, and arrange a time to make the storage sharing possible. How about that for a way to get some money on space you weren't using? Pretty good, indeed.



If you are looking for a space to store your materials, supplies and more, simply search our listings, where we have all spaces of all sizes available.



Looking for something specific? You can narrow your searches to area, size, distance, and type of space, like attics and garages, and see which is best for your storage. You can also contact the lister and discuss details, too.



Once you've found a listing that is perfect for storing your items, you can book it. From there, you arrange a time to bring it to the listing with the person you are renting from, and arrange the allotted amount of time you will store the items, along with price. Now your stuff is stored, easy as that!

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