GarageLot is the answer to your storage issues, or the way to truly maximize your extra space by earning money from it. We work to bring people in need of storage space, and those who have it together, be it in the attic, basement, garage, shed, or even on a parcel of land. Whether you have some boxes that need to be put somewhere, tools, tires, supplies, gear, or even a car, boat or trailer, you can search local listings to find a place to store it. If you're a host, you can rent out your space, setting your own prices, and your own terms. Storage rentals can be long or short term, it's all what both parties agree on.

You've got space, put it to work!

Our process is quick and simple. If you have some space you'd like to rent out, make a listing, and your rates. If you need space, you can search in your local area for matches that fit your needs, and you'll be connected with listings that fit. If it works out, you can book the space, and your storage issue is solved!

Eric Duany, CEO